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November 2018

M.E.G. Notes

We had an excellent evening with John Powell who took us down memory lane' LETS GO TO THE TIVOLI'. Many thanks John.

Next month we meet on the 12th November, when we welcome Stuart Batcup with a talk entitled 'You Would Not Believe'. So come out in force ladies, it should be an interesting evening.

          We welcomed four new members recently. namely Betty, Janet, Joan
and Jennifer.

Next month will be the last meeting of the year, when we resume in January for our annual lunch, venue to be arranged.


Men's Fellowship

The Fellowship met in the Lower Church Rooms on Tuesday evening,6th October. Chairman Les Harris gave his usual warm welcome to the large turnout, and briefly ran through the coming events. He reminded members that the November meeting would be the last of the year at which full details would be provided for the Annual Dinner in January 2018.          

He then introduced the speaker for the evening - Mr. Peter Moule who was to speak on a subject of which little is known by the general public -'The Blood Bikes of Wales.'

We were soon to find out that this wasn't about a breakthrough in the frantic worldwide research for an alternative fuel to ozone destroying oil. This was not about a gore derived fuel. It was about what the bikes carried. Blood! In actual fact, as we were soon to find out, this was not the only lifesaving material transported in emergency haste as an adjunct service to the NHS.

Peter described the makeup of this organisation in the UK; how units were now strategically placed, in close relation to Hospitals and Ambulance depots across the whole country. Surprisingly, it is an organisation supported completely by charity; having, incredibly, no funding from the NHS.

The riders are couriers for those light materials urgently needing transport from one site to another e.g.: a supply of blood needed desperately at a faraway hospital; the transport of an urgent biopsy from one hospital to a specialist laboratory; insulin, antibiotics and even breast milk, for patients in remote rural areas, etc. etc. In Wales alone over a million miles was covered by these bikes last year, saving the NHS millions of pounds and covering the respective journeys in a fraction of the time formerly taken by bulkier transport.

Peter was ably supported by a colleague, clothed in full bad weather fig, who brought along one of the magnificent bikes for the Fellowship to see. This 1500 cc monster was dressed in hospital yellow and green and across its front below the handlebars was boldly emblazoned - "BLOOD!" These machines cost in excess of £17,000 each and are specially works adapted for the job they carry out. A big plus is the way a skilled rider, with blues flashing, can thread his way through the thickest of traffic jams [legally] to reach his goal- in a fraction of the time taken by the normal NHS transport [probably a double decker bus].

Peter then invited any member of the Fellowship, who wished to do so, to have a ride on the back of the bike. There was no rush to take up this offer.

Peter Moule was a great ambassador for this superb service, speaking with tremendous enthusiasm and Chairman Les made a handsome donation on behalf of the Fellowship. There was the usual warm round of applause in appreciation.

Next month, the Fellowship will be privileged to have one of its own as the speaker - and with a difference!

Eminent Civil Engineer, Mr. Henry Steane, will talk of his work in this most prestigious of professions.

There will be the usual format for the evening - finishing with a quality buffet. Remember! There is always room for friends to share the warmth of our fellowship.

See you on Tuesday 20th November 2018, 7pm for 7.30pm.