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October 2018

M.E.G. Notes 

Our Fish and Chip supper was very successful.
We meet next at 7.30pm on Monday 8th October, when we welcome John Powell who will be taking us down memory lane with his talk entitled "Let's go to the Tivoli".
Please come and support us ladies, I am sure you will have an entering evening. You are welcome to bring a friend.

Men's Fellowship 

October sees a return to normal routine for the All Saints Fellowship. Our next meeting is on Tuesday l6th October at 7.00pm for 7.30 which will be our first get-together since the summer recess. The speaker for the night is Mr. Peter Moule who will talk on:
"The Blood Bank of Wales"
- a most worthy organisation for which every single one of us directly or indirectly, has much cause to be thankful.
Format for the evening is unchanged. Meet early for wine, discuss the events of the past
glorious summer, be updated by Chairman Les, lend our ears to the speaker and then finish our evening in good fellowship with a fine buffet.
As always, a warm welcome awaits any friend you choose to bring along.
So, let's start off our winter season with a bumper attendance which will give the momentum to carry us through the dark cold days of the coming winter.
Chairman Les and his henchmen look forward to seeing you all again!

P.C.C. Pickinqs 

The Parochial Church Council met in the Churchrooms on Monday 10th September.
Ministry Area Report There would be a meeting of the Ministry Area Executive which would plan combined events for Advent and Christmas. It was felt that the coming together for special services and events was being well received. The meeting also looked favourably at the suggestion that the midweek celebrations of the Holy Eucharist be advertised as ministry area services within the five Churches.
Restoration Roger Beynon reported on the two jobs outstanding - the painting of the south aisle and the cleaning of the rood screen. He was optimistic that these would be completed in time for the service of thanksgiving for the restoration on 28th October.
Finance £30,000 had been paid in parish share by the end of June. Funds would be available to pay a further £15,000 by the end of September. The meeting hoped that, with gift aid refund and a draw down from the School Fund we would be in a position to meet the share in 2018.
Safeguarding The Vicar gave an update on behalf of the safeguarding officer
Curate's House There was a lengthy discussion on the future of the Curate's house in Castle Acre. It had been vacated in June and the PCC considered the options of renting or selling the property. The Vicar reported that a local estate agent had suggested a rental of £600 per month or a selling price of £235,000. It was unanimously agreed that the house be sold and that the money realised be invested in the School fund managed by the Diocesan Trust.
Patronal Festival This year's Patronal Festival would be celebrated on Sunday 28th October and will be in thanksgiving for the completion of the restoration of the Church. Archbishop John would preside and preach at a special service at 10.30am. This would be followed by a celebratory lunch in the south aisle.
Services The meeting considered the provision of services in the parish and the difficulty of finding cover when the Vicar was away.
Next Meetinq 1 0.3Oam on Monday 19th November in the Churchrooms.


Sept 2018

M.E.G. Notes

After its summer break the fellowship will begin a new season of meetings on Monday 10th September when there will be a free fish and chips supper in the Churchrooms. As usual, please give your names to Merlys, Brenda or Anne so we can order them from Dick Barton's in West Cross.

There is always a welcome to anyone who might come along and join us - we meet on the second Monday of every month at 7.30pm in the Churchrooms.

Men's Fellowship

This month the Fellowship will sponsor one of the events of the Mumbles Festival of Music and the Arts.

On Tuesday 18th September at 7pm four 'Gentlemen of Mumbles' will entertain us through word and music. Hywel Evans will play the magnificent Steinway grand piano, Luke Spencer will play the harpsichord, local Undertaker and baritone, James Murray, will sing for us, and Grafton Maggs will read two of his short stories [one of them a new composition].

We very much hope to see a full house and there will be refreshments on offer after the concert. Tickets are £5 and are available at the door [the profits of this year's festival will go towards much needed work to the organ]

The members of the fellowship are encouraged to come along, especially to support Grafton, who has been our secretary for over two decades.


P.C.C. Pickinqs

The Parochial Church Council met on Monday 16th July in the Churchrooms.

Parking: This remains an issue for Church and hall users, especially since the opening of the new restaurants at Oyster Wharf. It will be our intention to lock the car park gates from 6pm to 9am, and occasionally prior to services and events in Church.

Ministry Area: The executive will meet September. On Sunday 19th August there will be a Songs of Praise service as a shared Ministry Area venture. In October there will be another 'Vicar swap' which will include the retired priests.

Finance: The Vicar reported that we had sent a further £15,000 more towards our quota, bringing the total paid this year to £30,000. It was also unanimously agreed to draw down £20,000 from the School Fund to help fund our music ministry and other outreach costs.

Restoration: Roger Beynon reported that the tower roof had been 'signed off' earlier that morning and that the Church clock had been re-installed. The hands on the face on the north side had been removed for repairs and should be returned by the end of the summer. The meeting thanked those who had supported the clock appeal, especially Mumbles Community Council, Grafton Maggs' book, the 'minute' handouts, private donations and a single substantial donation.

Ostreme: The Vicar reported that there had been a productive meeting earlier in the month, including representatives from Police. It is hoped that plans for the redevelopment of the site and the rebuilding of a new community hall could be now explored further

Christians Aqainst Poverty [CAP1 The PCC had already agreed to support the work of CAP, as a Ministry Area project, with a possible presence in West Cross for those who find themselves trapped in debt. It was agreed to delay signing up from this until we have received a response from Newton and Llwynderw parishes.

Mumbles Festival of Music Members of the PCC were encouraged to give the September Festival their enthusiastic support..

Safeguardinq: Katherine Williams will meet with the Vicar in September to check that the relevant volunteers had up to date DBS clearance. It was hoped that Daniel Rogers will recruit for the Junior Choir in September from local schools.

Curate's House: The Vicar reported that the former tenant had vacated the property and had left it in very good repair. The meeting discussed the option of putting the house up for let or for sale. It was agreed to defer a decision until the next PCC meeting.

Next Meeting  : Monday 10th September 2018 at 1 0.3Oam in the Churchrooms.

July 2018

M.E.G. Notes

Thank you so much Hywel for a phenomenal evening, a fabulous time was had by all. You will be more than welcome anytime. It was an outstanding evening.

I am glad to welcome Barbara back after her accident while on holiday. We now have our Summer Recess during July and August. We next meet 10th September, with a "Free" fish and chip Supper. Names as usual

before that date, to Merlys Anne or Brenda                                                                                  I

It is with sadness I have to inform you of the passing of one of our faithful members Val Brent, we will miss her friendly chatter and support. We extend our sympathy to Carolyn and family.

I wish you all a Happy Summer and sincerely hope the sun will shine for you.

Looking forward to seeing you all refreshed after your summer holidays in September.


Men's Fellowship

The Fellowship met in the lower Church Room on Tuesdayl9th June 2018. In spite of early parking problems in the Church grounds, the biggest turnout of the year assembled, on time, for the evening's meeting. And why was there such a record attendance? Two reasons: The calibre of the speaker... and... a free fish and chip supper, paid for out of Fellowship funds. It was the guest speaker himself who sportingly raised the debatable point as to which of the two attractions really drew the crowd.

This meeting was the last of the season before the summer break. Chairman Les after his welcoming speech pointed out that the next series of meetings begins on the 18th September 2018, details of which would be in the coming Church Magazines and newssheets. Les apologised for the absence of his very good friend the Archbishop John who obviously had not been informed of the free fish and chip supper.

Then he introduced the speaker for the evening, Mr. Brian Richards from Penllergaer. Brian had spurned the offer of a projector and screen and within minutes it was easy to see why.

He relied entirely on his expertise on the subject, his personality and his smile. Proudly flaunting the logo of the John Dillwyn Llewellyn project on his green sweater, he sailed into his lecture and how his pride shone through!

In stages he took us through the history of this once illustrious estate and its privileged owners. He described how its slide into neglect came about and how a body of dedicated Penllergaer folk got together to bring about its restoration. Self funding this majestic project, they have achieved near miracles. So far, lakes have been cleared and water of pristine quality now circulates from one picturesque level to another but it is an ongoing venture of some magnitude which, gradually, they are winning. The first orchid growing glasshouse in Europe has been restored and the observatory, where the earliest of photography development took place, is now back to its former glory. Gardens have been reclaimed from the wilderness and a car park has been created. For the visitor, with legs weary after the garden exploration, a professionally staffed café offers the most delightful of goodies.

However, in spite of all this listing of achievements, what impressed most was Brian's proud statement that over 200,000 people had visited the Gardens in the last year and the projected figure was expected to rise to over 400,000 within the next few years! Obviously, the revenue generated by the café and car park, plus the unpaid volunteer work, goes a long way to funding the project.

Brian was a wonderful ambassador. With his delightful sense of humour and his tremendous dedication, he got his message across - loud and clear! The Penllergaer Gardens Restoration is a magnificent achievement and a beautiful piece of historic Wales has been preserved for the likes of you and me. It must be visited!

The Fellowship showed its appreciation for Brian's efforts, and kindness in coming from so far away, with warm applause.

The evening drew to a close with the arrival of freshly cooked fish and chips from Dick Barton's. Piping hot, it was of superb quality and was thoroughly enjoyed by one and all!

See you all again on Tuesday 18th September!                                                     Grafton