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Sunday 24th February 2019

Time: 12 noon

Mumbles Welcomes Asylum Seekers' Day

Venue All Saints Church Church Rooms

Ticket Price: N/A

Mumbles Welcomes Asylum Seekers' Day

Sunday February 24th at 12 noon in the Churchroom

After the success of the 'Mumbles Welcomes Asylum Seekers' day last summer, another welcome day is being organised on Sunday 24th February. As before we will provide a lunch, then there will be activities on offer for 2 hours plus over the afternoon before the guests reconvene for tea before they return to Swansea. At the tea they have a chance to show off their songs, dances or artwork etc or talk about what they may have spent the afternoon doing - last summer a popular activity was a tour of the Lifeboat with Father Keith.

If anyone would care to come along we'd love to hear from you, especially any young families who might like to join in as we hope to welcome some youngsters. Also, if you'd care to help either on the day or beforehand we'd very much appreciate it:??

We hope to make the Lower Churchroom as welcoming as possible and Chris Harris has kindly offered to provide flowers for the tables but any skilled artist who might make a 'Welcome' banner on the back of one of the very aged banners lurking in a corner of the LCR would be appreciated.

  • There will be a hot lunch and drinks provided by us, the Catholics, the Red Cafe and hopefully Boo's kitchen but any bowls of salad or baguettes to serve alongside would be gratefully received. After the activities we will be serving afternoon tea so any cakes or biscuits would be very much appreciated. Johnnie's fish shop are kindly donating food carriers so any cake etc leftover will be put in those for families to take home.
  • If you are a singer, dancer, artist or a general helper, I'm sure your company would be

appreciated at the various activities being organised around Mumbles.......................... and maybe a
photographer?' ....a bit OTT perhaps?!

April Beynon

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