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Sunday 19th August 2018

Time: 6pm

Sonqs of Praise at Oxwich

Venue St Illtyds.s Church Oxwich

Ticket Price: N/A

Sonqs of Praise at Oxwich

We have been invited to lead a Songs of Praise at St lIltyd's Church, Oxwich, at 6pm on Sunday 19th August. We hope to form a Choir and to encourage others from the Mumbles Ministry Area to join us. The Summer Songs of Praise services have been running at Oxwich for many years. It's very popular with holidaymakers and locals alike.

St lIltyd's, Oxwich, is a beautiful and historic Church. It also houses one of the oldest chamber organs in Wales, dating from 1799.

Please try and join us for the service and to help swell the numbers on the evening.

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