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Friends of All Saints, Oystermouth

Can you help ... Friends of All Saints' Oystermouth?

The restoration of our ancient and modem church is almost complete. All of the major works have been paid for, thanks to the generosity of our own church family, several private, charitable trusts as well as public grants.The success of our campaign has been due largely to the hard work and expertise of our professional fund-raiser, Nigel Morgan. His term of office at All Saints has come to an end. He has moved on to Brecon Cathedral to assist with an even greater problem sourcing funds for that building which is in a critical state of disrepair. Unlike All Saints, the Cathedral has a small congregation of regular worshippers and cannot expect to have the same response locally to their restoration appeal as we were fortunate to have. Nevertheless, Brecon has one particular advantage - a thriving Friends of Brecon Cathedral. It is largely made up with former pupils of Christ's College, people with roots in the town and county of Brecon and others with an affection for its historic church. Nigel tells us that the Friends of the Cathedral will be a valuable source of revenue for its restoration appeal. He strongly recommends that we, at All Saints, establish a similar association. Our own appeal funds have been used up and there is little or nothing left in the pot to pay for future repair, damage or maintenance of the bricks and mortar. There is a limit to producing, more funding in-house as all of us have given and are still giving, so we must look to another source of revenue.

This new venture will open the doors of All Saints to hundreds of people who are unable or even unwilling to attend our services on a regular basis. Many, born and brought up in Mumbles, but now living far away, see All Saints as a potent reminder of home and the focal point of a community close to their hearts. For local residents who attend weddings, Christenings and funerals, All Saints is the church they always seek for family celebration or consolation. Tourists are amazed to discover a church which pre-dates Oystermouth Castle and boasts an interior worthy of a cathedral, while our concerts attract large numbers from across South Wales and further afield. Whoever they are, everyone is impressed by the magnificent interior. They take away with them memories of a special place, celebrated for its aesthetic and spiritual beauty. No matter how tenuous the link, these are the people we should think of as friends, a group which will continue to grow year on year.

In setting up Friends of All Saints' we need your help.

Can you please supply us with the names, addresses and contact details of your relatives, friends, acquaintances or anyone you know who has some connection with All Saints and/or Mumbles?

Would you be willing to join a small, informal working group to help compile a mailing list, publish a newsletter or lick envelopes? If so, please have a word with April Beynon or John Isaac [e.mail:] Your input and fresh ideas for this new enterprise would be much appreciated.

John Isaac