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 Young Peoples' Quiz

 1. Which Season starts the Church Year?

 2. When do we sing 'Jesus Christ is Risen Today'?
 Ash Wednesday
 Ascension Day
 Easter Day
 All Saints Day

 3. Which colour marks Advent and Lent?

 4. Which colours mark Christmas and Easter?
 Red and Purple
 White and Gold
 Green and Blue
 Yellow and Brown

 5. Which season follows Christmas?

 6. What is the Magnificat?
 The song of Joseph
 The song of the Wise Men
 The song of Mary
 The song of St. Paul

 7. Translate Kyrie Eleison
 Lord have mercy
 Christ have mercy
 Lamb of God
 Glory be to God

 8. When are flowers traditionally absent from Church?
 Advent and Lent
 Ascension Day
 Easter Day

 9. When is All Saints Day?
 August 1st
 September 1st
 October 1st
 November 1st

 10. How many candles are often on the Advent Wreath?

 11. When is Palm Sunday?
 1 Week before Easter
 1 Week before Lent
 1 week before Advent
 1 week after Easter

 12. Where was Jesus born?

 13. Where in the Church is the Altar?

 14. Where is the Font usually found?
 North part of the Church
 South part of the Church
 East part of the Church
 West part of the Church

 15. When do we sing 'Forty Days and Forty Nights'?
 Holy Week

 16. When did Jesus rise up to Heaven?
 Palm Sunday
 Easter Day
 Ascension Day

 17. The Altar is in the ___ of the Church

 18. Which are the oldest hymns?
 From the 16th century
 From the 19th centuy
 Psalms in the Bible
 From the time of Jesus

 19. Complete: We shall see him
 in a lowly cattle shed
 in pastures green
 but in heaven
 with the lowly

 20. The Crucifer carries a ?
 Collection plate

 21. Psalm 23 begins
 The Lord is my shepherd
 The Lord is my strength
 The Lord is my guide
 The Lord is my helper

 22. How many psalms are there?

 23. When is Harvest Festival?

 24. Who was not one of Jesus' first disciples?

 25. Where did Jesus spend his childhood?

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