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Posted 9.5.19

A Huge Thank You

A Huge Thank You 

When my lovely Liz went missing from the Quadrant Centre at about 4 o'clock on St George's day all of the Batcup's were in a bit of a state, until she was found outside Waterstones eight hours later at about midnight.

She was found as the result of a huge operation launched by the Police on Facebook as the lady who found her had seen their entry earlier in the evening. She seems to have been one of thousands to have picked up the message and photos!

I am eternally grateful to the Police and to the many members of my Family, my Church Family, Friends and Friends of Family who spontaneously took to the streets with the Police to search for her spending hours at a time looking for her while I had to 'sit tight'. I feel very humbled by the whole experience and would like to take this opportunity to thank you all. You are too numerous to pick any one out by name.

Fortunately, there was a happy outcome, for at the time we were all frantically scratching our heads to think where she was, she was comfortably ensconced in a pub in Brynymor Road participating in their weekly Pub Quiz! As she arrived at about 8 o'clock the landlady made everyone switch off their mobile phones, so no one there was aware of what was going on outside! She spent the next three hours or so participating in the Pub Quiz with a number of students and residents of the Gower Court sheltered housing complex nearby who befriended her. She is quite good at quizzes, but no, her team was not the winner that night.

Thank you all so much, and God bless.


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