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Posted 8.6.18

Church in Wales launches £10m fund to inspire a new Welsh revival

Church in Wales launches £10m fund to inspire a new Welsh revival 

Last month the Church in Wales launched an ambitious £10m '

fund to help kick-start a new Christian revival in Wales. The first ever Evangelism Fund will enable Churches to engage Welsh society with the claims of the Christian faith in vibrant and exciting ways. It's hoped ..A that the initiative will lead to many more people coming to faith, involving themselves in the life of the Church and halting many decades of decline.

Our Archbishop has said of the fund, "We are putting our money where our mouth is. We have long talked about growing the church and now we want to invest in projects across the country to enable that to happen. It is a radical answer to the decline we are experiencing in many places, and £10m is a transforming amount. I am looking forward to seeing some really creative and inspiring projects that will breathe new life into some of our churches and into our mission in Wales."

The money for the fund is being released from Church's investments which are overseen by the Representative Body. James Turner, chair of the RB said recently, "This is about investing in the future of the Church. The Bishops have made evangelism and church growth their very clear priority and we are delighted to be able to respond to that by creating this substantial fund."

Grants of between £250,000 and £3m will be available for diocesan projects which will focus on people rather than buildings. The group overseeing the distribution of money will be looking for ideas that will create growth among people in age groups underrepresented in our churches, create new forms of 'church' to appeal to people not currently going, and projects which help people learn more about the Christian faith all over Wales."

The Fund was launched on Pentecost Sunday, which was the last day of a worldwide Novena [nine days] of Prayer for the renewal of the Church.

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