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Posted 3.9.19

Embrace the Middle East News

Embrace the Middle East News

Dear All,

There are two Embrace the Middle East events coming up this autumn in South Wales in your parish magazines. I'm sure you are all aware that the very old, established charity Biblelands is now known as Embrace the Middle East and it continues its work with Christian partners throughout the Middle East in these very difficult times. They have tried to decentralise a bit and have the Embrace Days and other events in Scotland and Wales to try to spread their message.

This autumn there are two events in Wales: the Embrace day/evening at Liandaff Cathedral and a Quiet Day at Nicholaston House.

April Beynon


Embrace Day Cardiff 2019

with Archbishop Paul Sayer, Bishop Emeritus Of Antioch, Turkey.
5.30-8.30pm Wednesday 25th September at Llandaff Cathedral
with Cathedral Evensong and a light buffet
the event is free - but booking is essential for catering purposes.
Book your place  at or call 01494 897950

Embrace Quiet Day Wales 2019
1 Oam-4pm Saturday November 2nd
at Nicholaston House, Gower.
further details will be available shortly.
please contact April Beynon 01792 366110 for further information.

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