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Posted 10.11.17

Leprosy Mission

Leprosy Mission

During this year there has been a regular supply of used postage stamps left in church or 'posted' through my door. Some packages have included picturesque foreign stamps, which makes the sorting more interesting, but TLM can make good use of UK 'Queens-head' stamps too for sale to collectors at Stamp Fairs around the country. Many thanks for taking the trouble to save your stamps and pass them on to me. I will take a whole envelope if you find removing the stamp tedious or too fiddly. Christmas is coming and with it, hopefully, a lot of used stamps.

The 2016 Box Collection was designated specifically to the Transform Purulia Hospital project. TLM hope to have the improvements completed around April 2018. Patients will then receive treatment in a cleaner environment, privacy in consulting rooms and rest in upgraded waiting areas. The Box collections from All Saints will help maintain the improvements which are vital for the victims of leprosy. If you can put aside your small change for this purpose i can supply a collection box or i will take any change in a plastic bag if left on the table at the back of church. There is a small cardboard box marked TLM. Thank you.

Thelma Lloyd TLM Parish co-ordinator [368065]

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