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Posted 14.2.10

Letter of thanks to Rev Keith Evans and parishioners

The welfare box of sweets to Afghanistan arrived at our workshop at Kandahar Airbase. We are engineers of 27 Sqn RAF Regiment who are based out here to provide airfield defence from ground attack, rocket attack and anti-aricraft missile fire. The RAF Regiment gunners on our Sqn operate outside the wire,  patrolling the area around the airfield in order to defend the airfield itself and the 27,000 mult-national personannel based here.  The temperatures in the worshop can reach round 45-0 deg C, but are now down to 15-20 deg C during the day and below freezing at night. The parcel you sent out brought cheer to the lads especially in the run up to Christmas, we thank you heartily for your kindness.  Martin, Steve, Kenny, Cookie, Matt, Flowers, Stubbsy. Steve, Mike and Tommy -  Engineering Flight, 27 Sqn Resident Field Sqn, Taskforce Centurian, Op Herrick BPPO772.


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