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Posted 4.6.19

London Marathon Thanks

London Marathon Thanks 

I would like to add my thanks to all our friends at All Saints for their generous donations for Hannah's marathon run last month.

As no doubt a lot of you know we went to London to support her. What an amazing experience it was and well worth all the hustle on and off the tubes with thousands of other marathon groupies! You could really see and be part of this event which seemed to bring out the very best in people. Everyone in really good spirits, what a pleasant change these days to see people smiling and helping one another.

Thank you all so much.

Jan Silvey


I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone at All Saints and in the village who sponsored me and wished me good luck for the London Marathon.

Everyone has been so kind. It was an incredible experience and the atmosphere was electric. I am happy to announce I have raised a total of £4,120.40. I am going to give half of the money to the British Lung Foundation, who gave me a place to run, and half to Mesothelioma UK, who provide funding for research dedicated to mesothelioma. I wonder what I will sign up to next?!"


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