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Posted 3.9.19

Loves Fishes & other ingredients

Loves Fishes & other ingredients

Recipes from 'All Saints' Church All Saints' Recipe Book here at last!

The recipe book, 'Loaves, Fishes and other Ingredients', which includes contributions from a number of people in our Church family, is finally ready.

I did, in fact, complete the manuscript over a year ago but had an absolute headache with the printer and moved to London feeling very disappointed that it was never going to happen. To cut a long story short, I approached a printer here who turned it all around within 6 days. Voila! I will be in Mumbles and attending All Saints' Church on Sunday, 6th October and the book will go on sale then. It costs £8 and includes all types of recipes with illustrations. Hopefully, it will provide a good stocking filler as well as an essential for adorning numerous kitchen shelves.

Particular thanks to those who contributed recipes; Brenda Harris, Julie Francis, Hilary Lewis, Dina Collie, Isobel Williams, Betty Jenkins, Tonia Antoniazzi MP, Pauline Lloyd, Cery Wooten, John & Kris Isaacs, Nikki Beynon, Jean Morgan, Margaret Morris, Gillian Woodford, Ian Hislop & April Beynon. Special thanks to Keith & Mary Evans for such encouragement with this project.

Loaves, fishes & Other Ingredients - on sale from 6th October at £8
[Proceeds to All Saints' Church]

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