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Posted 3.9.19

New Twinning for Mumbles

New Twinning for Mumbles

At the opening event of this month's music festival on Saturday 7th September we will welcome a delegation of citizens from Havre de Grace in Maryland, USA.

The special visitors will be our guests of honour at the concert presented by the Swansea Bay Symphony Orchestra and Mumbles A Capella Choir. They will have travelled to Wales to sign a twinning charter between Havre Grace and Mumbles earlier that day in Swansea's Guildhall. During the duration of their visit we plan to fly the Maryland flag from the Church tower.

Havre de Grace is a town in Harford County, Maryland, and is situated at the mouth of the Susquehanna River and at the head of the famous Chesapeake Bay. It was named by General Lafayette, a French aristocrat who led American forces during the War of Independence. He compared the small settlement to La Havre in France. The famous French port was originally named Le Havre de Grace [Harbour of Grace].

Havre de Grace has a similar population to Mumbles. It also boasts a promenade a lighthouse [photo above right], restaurants and boutique shops and was recently voted one of the twenty best small towns in America to visit by the Smithsonian magazine.

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