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Posted 8.10.19

Our Parish Ordinand Writes

Our Parish Ordinand Writes

Dear all,

I would like to just to say a huge thank you for your love, support, belief in me and encouragement over the last four years. As Christians we know that our faith journey isn't just a straight road. It comes with twists and turns, steep hills, which can only continue to shape us and deepen our relationship with Jesus. I have battled in the past four years to understand what exactly it is that I am being called to do within the Church, because why would God call me to serve as a Priest?

As a Parish, whilst you have supported me through the 'official' process of discernment you have given me further affirmation on my calling which I am truly thankful.

As I have already said at church, I owe a great debt to the Parish of Oystermouth, it's clergy and it's community as you have responded to both Luke and I with Christ's love, accepting us into your church family. You will be glad to learn that Luke will remain with you until we are posted to my first curacy and of course I will be back when time permits to visit you and join you for worship and fellowship.

It has been a great privilege to learn and serve alongside Canon Keith, Canon Robert and Fr David. Canon Keith has often held my hand at times throughout this process and I am truly thankful for his wisdom and guidance from our initial conversations to attending the provincial discernment board earlier this year. I count myself incredibly blessed have been given the opportunity to serve the community of Oystermouth which has given me practical skills that I will build on and will use for the entire of my ministry.

Please continue to pray for me as I continue on this next chapter of my life.

I hope that you will join me at Brecon Cathedral God willing in June 2021 for my ordination to the diaconate. I will continue to pray for you,

Your friend,


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