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Posted 11.5.18

Pastoral Ministry - The Vicar Writes

Pastoral Ministry - The Vicar Writes 

I try to do everything I can to keep a pastoral eye on members of our Church family, especially when they are ill, in hospital, or going through anxious or challenging times.

I usually make several dozen visits a week to the bereaved, the housebound, parishioners in hospital or nursing homes, or taking the sacrament of Holy Communion to those who are no longer able to join us in Church.


Though much is done in the parish, in an informal way, by people caring for each other and for their neighbours, our pastoral ministry has tended to be seen as the preserve of the clergy.


With fewer priests on the ground, and with many of us having responsibilities beyond the parish, it isn't always easy to provide the level of pastoral care we knew in the past.


Over the next few months I hope to approach a number of parishioners who might assist us in this vitally important ministry to the Church and the community. Many parishes now have small teams of people who visit and who take the sacrament to the housebound. These teams have undergone training and have been licensed for this work.


If you feel that this is something you might be called to please let me know.


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