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Posted 9.11.18

Thank You from Barbara Richards

Thank You from Barbara Richards

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has bought my cards and calendars. Another huge thank you to Alan Giles for all the hours he has spent printing and assembling the calendars.
My original goal was to give the church £100 at Christmas as a thank you for welcoming me into this community. I was christened in All Saints', Skewen, and attended for many years until it was sadly demolished. I'm delighted to be back in All Saints again.
I spent six weeks with my Mother in Singleton hospital before she died. We enjoyed the view from the ninth floor over the bay and Mumbles head. We reminisced about the holidays spent in the Mumbles - the Mumbles train, Fortes and a caravan in Plunch Lane with gas lights and the tap in the far end of the field [that's a young me in the photograph].
My Mother made me promise to start a new life for myself. I can only say God brought me here. The photos on the cards are all taken from my home in West Cross.
I'm particularly delighted to be raising money to clean the Rood screen as the WW1 memorial. My grandfather was in the first battalion formed of the Welsh Guards. He was badly injured at Ypres and he begged the surgeon not to amputate both his arms and legs as they had
planned to do.
He was awarded the Military Medal but always said it was not for him but for those who didn't come home. They paid the ultimate sacrifice.
He came home to Swansea and met and married my grandmother who was in service here in the Mumbles.
I was lucky enough to live with my grandfather. He was my hero. I remember my Mother pinning a poppy to his coat before he and my grandmother set off to the Brangwyn Hall for the Remembrance Day service. Sadly he died of a heart attack on the bus before it reached Swansea. He was just sixty three.
November 11th has an extra poignancy for me. I'm sure he would be proud of me raising all this money but it would not have happened without your support.
Thank you.
Barbara Richards

Barbara has raised in excess of £1,800 so far - which has been a remarkable achievement. We thank her for all her hard work and support.



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