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Posted 3.9.19

Thank You from Jan Siuey

Thank You


When I walked through the door of our church on last Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock my first reaction was 'Oh My'. I have been told by many people that there were over 500 people there. I do hope that 'health and safety' had the afternoon off!! What can I say, just a big thank you to everyone who came to remember Katherine.

Several special thank you 's of course, Father Keith, Father Robert, Father David and all the other clergy who formed such a splendid line up. Luke and Hywel, all the choir members who turned out in such huge numbers to sing for one of their own, and all of our friends who literally came from far and wide to support us.

It was a great comfort to all the family I know and I am sorry that I didn't get to speak to everyone. We will love and remember Katherine every single day. She was so special to us and to so many other people.

Jan Siuey

Imagine yourself always to be the servant of all, and look upon all as if they were Christ our Lord

in person; and so you shall do him honour and reverence.                                    [St Teresa of Avila]

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