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Posted 11.5.18

Thank You Merlys

Thank You Merlys 


Prior to the Easter Vestry meeting last month our long serving Parish Secretary, Merlys Watkins, informed us that she would be standing from the ministry she has faithfully carried out for the last thirty years.


Merlys was appointed PCC Secretary in 1987. Over the years she has been a familiar figure around various meeting tables with her notebook pen in hand. She has attended hundreds of PCCs and recorded numerous minutes. Skilled in shorthand she has been able to condense ions into a sentence or two. She has gone from typewriter to laptop, to computer printer.

As well as being Secretary to the Parochial Church Council Merlys served as the Parish Administrator for several years; typing out correspondence, editing and collating the monthly magazine and even acting as the scribe who filled out the registers and certificates at marriage services. She has also led the successful Monday Evening Group [MEG Ladies' Fellowship] for the last two decades.

Successive parish clergy, vicars and curates have all benefited much from her wise council and dry sense of humour. She has been a person to turn to for sound advice through the years. She has also supported her husband, Fr David, and his ministry in the parish since his ordination in 1990.

Though we hoped that she would carry on her work for ever we have to respect her decision to stand down. It goes without saying that we wish her a happy retirement from duties as we thank her for aII that she has done for the Church at Oystermouth through the years as one of our most loyal servants.

Diolch o galon Merlys. Pob bendith.


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