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Posted 8.11.18

The Leprosy Mission

The Leprosy Mission 

I recently attended an excellent presentation by 3 representatives of TLM at Mumbles Baptist church. The main focus was on the Purulia Hospital project in East Bengal. We saw the excavation by doctors for the foundations of a new building which will be attached to the existing clinic. The first treatment area under a tree in the same spot was provided by TLM in the 19th century giving care to 29 'outcasts'. By 2016 around 45,000 patients were receiving treatment for leprosy in better conditions of course but with limited space for privacy and hygiene. The new building to be commenced next year will provide extra waiting and consultation rooms, a toilet block, a Pharmacy and 2 lab areas. The current building will be updated to provide a canteen serving healthy food to patients and staff.

Leprosy is a substream of tuberculosis which is highly contagious through droplets of bacteria being passed from one person to another. A 12 month course of antibiotics can cure leprosy and corrective surgery to hands and feet can be carried out for as little as £27 but successful treatment can only be achieved at access points such as Purulia.

The presentation was an uplifting experience, showing the enthusiasm of TLM workers, the dedication of medical staff and most of all the endurance and hopefulness of patients.

All Saints can provide a small help to this project by channelling our annual donation raised through Home boxes, for which many thanks.

I also learned that ordinary UK used stamps are sold in kilo bundles worldwide. UK commemorative stamps have more value, as do foreign stamps. Thank you for passing on all kinds of used stamps for me to send off to TLM. The total raised last year in this way was £55,000.

Thelma Lloyd

[Parish co-ordinator for TLM]

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