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Posted 6.12.19



Two weeks ago I contacted TLM asking for an update on the predicted work at the Purulia Hospital, West Bengal. An article in a 2017 issue of New Day had reported that building work would soon start on a new Outpatients Department that would greatly enhance conditions and treatment already in existence. TLM replied that the work had been completed and the new building would open early in November. Two

TLM team members were already there to record the opening ceremony. Hopefully photographs will

appear in a New Day issue shortly.

Annual revenue from Parish Home Collection boxes and incidental donations given to me are sent to TLM specifically for Perulia Hospital. The need of leprosy victims is very great and it is through our help that something can be done to ease that need.

Please remember to keep used stamps and leave them in the box as you come in to church. I have recently had a windfall from a local Charity shop. 4 carrier bags of stamps and albums were

left there and found their way to me. I shall be snipping away for months, but TLM will benefit in

the end.

Thank you for your help, from whatever angle.

Thelma Lloyd [TLM Parish coordinator]

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