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Posted 21.9.11

William Davies

 We have received an interesting enquiry from Jane Marks concerning Grafton Magg's 'Mumbles Memories'  article on 'Auntie Minnie

So pleased to find the lovely article about William Davies (Auntie Minnie).
An elderly cousin of my late Mother told me some years ago that this amazing man was related to Jane Davies (b. 1850) my great-Grandmother. Would it be possible for some one to let me have a few more researchable details about William Davies, for example, his father's name. I'm not sure if I am on right track with the research I have done so far. I think I have his father as George and a possible grandfather, a mariner by the name of John Davies (1842). My Jane Davies' father was David, a mariner, and I am beginning to make a connection with a possible great grandfather of William, also a David and a mariner, b. 1813. Is there anyone who may be able to say if I am on the right track ? Many thanks for such a fascinating website. Best wishes. Jane Marks.


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