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All Saints Appeal

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We are pleased to report that the Appeal Executive has now completed its work.   It has come together regularly, under the enthusiastic chairmanship of Tyrone O'Sullivan, since the campaign was launched five years ago.

When we began our ambitious appeal to restore our ancient and modern parish Church we were very aware that we were doing so at a time of great global financial uncertainty.

We were also aware that raising such a large amount of money would not be possible without professional help.  

So we appointed two Campaign Directors, The Very Revd. Michael Bunker and Mr. Nigel Morgan.  They drew up a campaign plan which included the setting up of a number of different teams to try and raise money from the Church, the community and from trusts and grant making bodies. The team leaders made up the Appeal Executive which has overseen the campaign.  Five years on we are delighted to report that have now raised a grand total of:


Thanks to your generosity and the help from HLF, Cadw and other trusts we have been able to do most of what we set out to do.  The list is impressive:

  • we have stopped movement in and stabilised the north wall.

  • the nave and chancel have been re-roofed and made watertight

  • the tower has been repaired and re-roofed

  • all the rainwater goods [gutters and downpipes] have been replaced

  • the porch has been rebuilt and now includes toilet and kitchen facilities

  • the driveway on the north side has been tarmacked and a turning bay laid 

  • a new screen has been installed at the base of the tower

  • a new electrical system and state of the art lighting scheme has been installed

  • the boiler has been replaced with a much more energy efficient system

  • upholstered chairs have replaced the old wooden seating

  • the leaking clerestory windows on the north side of the nave have been replaced.

But there are a few things we still would like to do;

  • the 140 year old clock in the tower needs to be overhauled.
  • We would also like to clean up the internal Bath stone walls, paint the south aisle and restore the wood block floor                                                                                        
  • We estimate that these two projects will cost around £20,000.

'Buy an Hour' - Clock Appeal

Grafton Maggs and Mike Charles have forms for us to sign up to buy an hour for the Church Clock Appeal.

We think that ours is the oldest municipal clock in the city. It was installed by public subscription and through a generous gift by Mr Francis Tippins in 1875. The 'Buy and hour appeal reaches out to the community for help to restore a popular landmark in the village.

The clock used to be maintained by Swansea City Council and their long serving horologist, David Mitchell. Following major cutbacks the council decided to renege on its commitment to care for the public clocks in buildings in private ownership. In protest, Mr Mitchell famously stopped all the city's clocks at 12noon and made local, national and international news.

Our clock is a very fine example of Victorian engineering. It was made by Leeson and Sons of the Steam Clock Factory in Coleshill, near Birmingham. It is wound by hand, which is quite a workout, and this has to be done once a week. Bernard Hex and Alan Thomas, of the Warriors Working Party, have been our clock winders and we thank them for keeping an eye on it for us.

If you would like to help, by buying or selling a clock face please let Grafton or Mike know. Many thanks.

We thank our Appeal Chairman, Tyrone O'Sullivan, and our team leaders - Alan Evans [members], Les Harris [leaders], John Isaac [community], Roger Beynon [project] Murray Donald [treasurer] and Nigel Morgan & Dean Michael Bunker [trusts].  We also thank members of each team for all their hard work over the last few years. 

But a very special thank you to everyone who has supported the appeal so generously.  Diolch o galon.    

Restoring our Church to serve the community of Mumbles